How to Stay Visible When Swimming In Open Water

Athletes strive to push their skills to the next level by diving headfirst into new challenges. For swimmers, swimming in open water is a difficult discipline to master and staying afloat requires plenty of technical know-how, especially since it involves hitting the waves with no holds barred. 

Not only is open swimming a killer exercise, but trying to stay afloat and reach the finish line with uncontrollable elements surrounding you means it can be a hazardous sport too. Seeing as you’ll be dealing with Mother Nature herself, it’s critical to stay visible so people can easily spot you no matter the distance. 

This is where investing in the right gear comes into play, especially essentials like highly visible tow float, a brightly coloured hat, and other essentials that ensure your safety in unpredictable, open waters. 

What Do You Need for Open Water Swimming?

Highly Visible Tow Floats

As mentioned above, staying visible is key when swimming in outdoor, open waters, so having a vividly coloured tow float is a must. Swim Secure’s wide selection of tow floats, for instance, comes in orange and pink colours to grab attention and ensure you’re easy to locate. 

The lightweight design offers little-to-no drag, so you don’t have to worry about falling behind a race with a tow float hot on your heels. It also comes with enough buoyancy to support your weight in case you grow tired, plus the tow float is also made with durable PVC and waterproof materials that can safeguard your personal belongings. 

Highly Visible Swim Cap 

A highly visible swim cap should make it easy for people to spot you a mile away, but it should also help you stay warm. Swim Secure’s swim cap is made with silicone material, so not only will it increase your visibility and stick to your forehead comfortably, but it provides great insulation that keeps the body heat when training in cold, open waters. 


We’ve been talking about swimming gear that ensures you remain visible to other people’s perspective, but what about the clarity of your vision when bracing through harsh, open waters? Investing in goggles with photochromatic technology can be a game-changer since it adjusts your vision according to the current lighting conditions, allowing you to see clearly ahead whether your back is to the sun or you’re swimming into it head-on. 

The Bottom Line: Safety Tips to Remember Before Diving In Open Water 

Before you dip your toes in open water, it’s crucial to come prepared with all the swimming essentials you need to stay safe in outdoor bodies of water — be it in the ocean, lake, or river. 

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