How Tow Floats Can Help You With Your Fear of Open Water

If you’re one of those people who always wanted to swim in open waters, but are afraid to do so, then you need some encouragement from a little companion called a swimming tow float. 

Tow floats can be an excellent safety device for swimmers because it offers a sense of security while still enjoying the freedom of swimming in the open waters. Here’s what you need to know about this inflatable, brightly coloured piece of equipment that every swimmer should have by their side.

Visibility to Other Swimmers

Swimming in open waters can be a terrifying experience when you imagine being lost at sea, where you’ll float endlessly to your doom. This is just one of the frightening images that people who haven’t tried open water swimming often think about. It doesn’t have to be like that if you take the necessary precautions—like bringing a tow float with you!

A tow float is a brightly coloured device that ensures you are visible to other swimmers and even boats that happen to pass by. In the event of an emergency, rescuers are likely to find you and bring you to safety when they see your tow float from a distance. In the same vein that bikers have reflectors to warn nearby vehicles, tow floats work the same in open waters!

Floatation Support for Tired Swimmers

Swimming can be a fun but tiring activity. Even triathletes get tired of swimming after a few hours. 

If you’re floating around in the water and suddenly felt pain in your body, you will need some form of support where you can just rest for a bit until you can propel yourself back to shore. This is where tow floats act as an open water swimming float bag.

If you’re in a coached swimming session, participants usually use tow floats to rest while listening to the coaches’ instructions or feedback.

Carrier for Water Bottles

Like any other exercise or physical activity, swimming can cause dehydration if you’ve been at it for hours. 

Most tow floats feature built-in compartments to hold water bottles. You can just pull your tow float near you and access your bottle to rehydrate. Although you don’t actually feel yourself sweating in the water, you’re still losing a lot of fluids, even if you’re just floating around. Take a bottle of water and attach it to your tow float so you can experience open water swimming without being dehydrated.

Inflating Confidence to Swimmers

Many swimmers that rely on tow floats find the device giving them more confidence when they swim in open waters. This is due to the sense of security it instils by ensuring your visibility to others. It’s also great to have something buoyant by your side that acts as your security blanket even when you’re in open water!


Swimming in open waters is quite a liberating and fun experience that everyone should get into. Of course, there will always be people who are afraid to try it. But having a tow float in hand and an experienced companion to accompany you, you’re sure to have the time of your life.

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