Swim Secure - 3 Things to Take When Swimming in Open Waters: A Guide

Diving into open waters can be a fulfilling experience, but you also have to prepare your swimming essentials. This way, you can swim without issues, easily see through different problems, and prevent running into boats, rock formations, and the like. After all, it’s not like you are just wading in an indoor pool or by the beach’s shoreline. But what exactly do you need to have with you? 

This article will discuss three must-haves for water swimmers like you, ensuring you can have the best and safest swimming experience. Take this as an opportunity to look after your wellbeing and performance on one of the more challenging swims you will encounter. This way, you can become more experienced as you try different open swim spots and possibly look at this as either one of your go-to physical activities or a chance to compete against professionals. 

  • Swimming caps
  • You may already have your favourite swimming cap to protect your hair as you do different swimming techniques in a swimming pool. It’s also required to wear if you are into synchronized swimming, which helps you avoid your hair from blocking your view as you switch positions. But you have to keep in mind that you cannot use the same cap for open waters. 

    With our specially designed swimming caps, you can easily tread open waters by keeping your head warm during colder swims. The bright colours are also meant to ensure you are identifiable from passing boats and other swimmers, preventing collisions and other accidents. Best of all, these caps are made with silicone material, letting you hide your hair easier to maintain your clear vision of the waters. 

  • Goggles 
  • Having a crystal clear view of open waters is just as important as being seen by others. So you need to have the right pair of goggles, which have tinted tenses to reduce sunlight glare and enhance your perception of various obstacles, such as sea creatures and buoys. But what you should be wary of is wearing goggles too tightly, which can affect your performance since you may need to remove them so you can stay alert and identify nearby land. 

    As such, you should always go for the perfect fit for your open water goggles. What you need are those with adjustable yet form-fitting lenses, allowing for flexible use. You may also have to check if they have a measuring guide or have online customer reviews. With these extra steps, you can make the best decision for your next swim. 

  • Swimming tow floats
  • When treading through open waters, having a swimming tow float attached to your waist is a necessity. It’s a safe way to stay seen by others, especially if you are swimming alone. If you are swimming in groups, it’s a great way to also stay accountable to others. There are also different tow float models for your convenient use, making your open water experience more tailored to your specific needs.  

    For instance, the tow woggle is designed to support new open water swimmers as it acts as a floatation device. If you have belongings to bring along your swim, there’s the tow donut, which doubles as a float and small waterproof bag. It’s best to check out our different models to make certain you have what you need for your swim. 


    Open water swimming can be enjoyable and safe, provided that you have all the necessary equipment. Now, you have a better understanding of what you need to bring. All you have to do is look for the best to be well-equipped for your new adventure. Stock up on all the things to take swimming today! 

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