Our Guide to Choosing the Right Swimming Goggles For You

Swimming gear plays a pivotal role in a swimmer’s performance. Different equipment helps improve one’s experience when treading water, but one of the most game-changing inventions is swimming goggles. 

Swimming goggles seem unexciting nowadays as they’re part of a swimmer’s standard kit, but swimming goggles can do many things to enhance your time underwater—from helping you see better and avoid ramming into the pool’s wall when making a flip turn to keeping your eyes from the pool’s irritants. 

Not all swimming goggles offer the same build, quality, and purpose, so it’s important to explore your options before diving into them. If you’re wondering what factors to consider when shopping for swimming goggles, read on below!

Different Types of Swimming Goggles for Every Swimmer Level

1. Beginner 

Swimming goggles are designed with the swimmer in mind, so it’s best to buy one that suits your level for beginners. This is because swimming goggles for beginners are made to be more comfortable, so the design focuses on easy adjustment with medium stability. It’s best to pair this type of swimming goggles with a swimming mask if you want to have a wider field of vision when doing laps. 

2. Intermediate 

If you have developed your skills and can be considered an intermediate swimmer, you should go for swimming goggles with a flexible nose bridge and a narrow field of vision so you can focus on your goal during rigorous lap training. 

3. Advanced 

It’s best for advanced swimmers to go for swimming goggles that offer unparalleled stability and precise field of vision when swimming through long distances. The hydrodynamic design can aid your performance and help ease the fatigue during arduous training sessions, though you will have to adjust everything on your own to ensure the goggles perfectly fit your face. 

Other Factors to Consider When Buying Swimming Goggles


Like clothes and shoes, the right fitting swimming goggles are crucial if you want to utilise them comfortably and to their full potential. 


It’s easy to think that the colour of the lens changes for aesthetic reasons, but there are set hues that work well depending on where you plan to swim and its lighting conditions. Lightly-coloured lenses, for instance, is great for poorly-lit pools. On the other hand, mirrored lenses are an excellent choice for swimming outdoors, reducing the sun’s glare. 

The Bottom Line: Choosing the Right Swimming Goggles that Suit Your Needs and Swimming Style 

Swimming goggles come in different shapes, sizes, and build, all of which can make or mar your swimming performance in various ways. Before you dip your toes when picking the right swimming goggles for you, be sure that all the factors meet your unique needs. 

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