Why You Need a Dry Bag for Kayaking

It doesn’t matter whether you kayak on calm and scenic lakes or if you prefer strong rapids. One thing stays true - you need to make sure that your belongings stay safe while you paddle. 

You need a small waterproof bag that is durable and secure enough to keep your phone, your money, keys, and even your change of clothes dry and safe. But is a bag really necessary? Won’t a plastic container be enough? 

In this post, Swim Secure will share the benefits of using a dry bag when you go kayaking or when you do other water sports:

They Prevent Your Valuables from Getting Wet 

This is the obvious reason. As you know, kayaks do not have built-in dry storage, and you might not always come to the venue with a companion who will keep your stuff safe for you. You can’t trust dry storage to keep your items dry for the entire duration of your trip, especially when your activities include some swimming and exposure to whitewater and waves. Only a waterproof dry bag is durable enough to keep your towel, electronics, and snacks safer at all times. 

It’s not just the water that you have to be worried about. You should never underestimate the potential harm that the sun poses, especially on your gear. Your dry bag can protect your electronics and other items from the harmful rays of the sun during summer when it can really be scorching hot. 

They Ensure That Your Things Are Accessible 

Dry bags have different types of attachments that can keep your things secure but still within your reach when you need them, even when you’re paddling. This is important, especially if there’s an emergency and you need your phone or some tools. Your dry bag should have a strap that can be adjusted so you can easily carry it and get your stuff when needed.

They Can Ensure Floatation If Your Things Get Separated from the Kayak

You know how unpredictable it is to be on the water, and it’s possible for your stuff to be separated from you and your kayak somehow. Should that happen, you definitely want to be assured that they will float so you can still retrieve them. A dry bag’s buoyancy can be improved by closing the dry bag with some air inside, and it will be possible for you to retrieve them.

What You Should Look Out for in a Dry Bag

Now that you are aware of the benefits of a dry bag, you should know what features you should look for when you buy yours:

  • Size - Dry bags come in various sizes, and they can be measured in length by width or volume. For most people, 15 liters is the right size. 
  • Closure - The best option for this is the roll-down with buckle because this is the most durable option as it can handle even the roughest adventures. There are buckle and zip-close combinations as well. 
  • Attachment - Ideally, the bag should have multiple straps to help you efficiently carry and keep the bag close to your body or on your kayak.
  • Color - Dry bags are available in different colors, and while it’s not as important as other features, just know that you still have some options to choose from. 


As you have learned in this post, dry bags are your best (and perhaps only) option if you want to keep your belongings safe when you go kayaking.  A small waterproof bag can help keep your things safe from water and sun exposure. Of course, you need to choose a durable dry bag so you can be sure of the security of your items. 

Swim Secure has some of the best kayak dry bags available right now. Our dry bags come in different styles and sizes. Check out our collection today and get one that suits your needs the most!