6 Open Water Swimming Essentials You Need to Get

Open water swimming is an exciting and challenging sport that’s growing in popularity. Swimming in open water (e.g., lakes, rivers, the ocean) presents an array of challenges not found in indoor swimming pools. 

As with any big adventure, you can’t just dive in whenever you want. Those who decide to take up this sport will need to prepare themselves by taking safety precautions, learning skills for calculating distance and measuring current, wearing the appropriate gear, and more.

In this post, we'll discuss the open water swimming essentials you need.

1. Aqua or Swim Goggles 

The right swim goggles are essential for your swimming safety. Your eyes are very vulnerable in the open water, so you need goggles with a tight fit around your eyes to prevent water from entering. It’s also important to have a good seal so that water does not leak into your eyes as you spend time in the water.

2. Waterproof Watch

This is one of the most essential pieces of equipment you need. You will want to have a waterproof watch that will work in all conditions. You need it to check your swim time, help you stay on course, count strokes, track your heart rate, calculate your training zones, check your pace, record your time, and more. All of these features will help keep you safe while you’re swimming.

3. Open Water Swim Buoy

A swim buoy will help you stay on course and keep you afloat should you run into trouble. The swim buoys that are outfitted with spikes help you stay on course by catching on the lake bed. 

A swim buoy is also very useful if you are training with a group. In fact, many triathlon swim groups use swim buoys to stay together. 

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4. Cycling Shoes and Pedals

The right cycling shoes and pedals will make a big difference in your performance and your comfort. Cycling shoes and pedals offer your legs much more support and power than regular running shoes and pedals. They also provide an excellent grip on the pedals, which is very important in open water. 

5. Wetsuit

A wetsuit is essential for open water swimming. The first thing you need to know is that you must invest in a quality wetsuit that will you warm in all conditions. You must also get a wetsuit that fits properly. If it is too small, it will bunch up in areas, which will make it difficult to swim. If it is too loose, it will create drag that will interfere with your movements.

6. Swim Cap

A swimming cap is necessary for keeping your hair out of the way so you can focus on swimming. It is also crucial for keeping your hair dry and warm when you’re in the water. It’s best to choose a swim cap that is designed to not come off in the water under any circumstances. 

Gear Up for Open Water Swimming

Knowing these open water essentials is extremely helpful. Now all you need is to buy high-quality equipment that will last for a long time. 

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