Effective Tips on Keeping Your Gear Dry While Kayaking

Are you ready for a family vacation, or are you thinking of spending time with your family in the great outdoors? If so, there are lots of things you can consider when doing outdoor activities. One of the most enjoyable ways to spend time with your family is through a water adventure.

Kayaking is a great water activity that allows you and your family to relax and traverse local waterways. It is perfect even for beginners as you can easily and successfully learn kayaking skills without investing a lot of money. You won’t need many things to get started, and you can be sure the kayak is safely built and can withstand the test of time for years.

It will not be long until you take longer kayak trips once you get the hang of it and your experience in paddling grows. It’s also great to bring more supplies and gear for a better experience. With this in mind, you must be sure to protect your equipment from becoming waterlogged, as this scenario can potentially ruin your things, especially your valuable gear. 

To prevent that from happening, here are some important tips to keep and protect your gear dry while kayaking.

What Are Kayak Compartments?

The first thing you need to do is check the kayak’s model. Most of the time, people store their dry gear inside its built-in compartments. Depending on the kayak, you can find two compartments at both ends or one at either end of the vessel. There are sit-on-top models with compartments in front of the seating area.

But whilst it seems to be the perfect storage for your dry gear, many compartments are not really waterproof. Kayak models that are a bit cheaper do not guarantee that they can keep your belongings dry in their built-in compartments. So what can you use to keep them dry?

Use Dry Bags

Dry bags are perfect for any water activity, especially when you’re on a kayaking trip. You can secure any of your belongings, including your gear, in your dry bag, before putting it inside the built-in compartment.

These bags come in various shapes and sizes. Depending on what you want to store, you can choose the best dry bag for your next kayak trip. You may need to pick a larger kayak bag if you’re planning to bring a sleeping bag or a tent, plus your essentials. 

If you are going to stay for a few days, a smaller bag can give you enough space for your clothing and toiletries. The smallest type of dry bags you can use can provide storage for all your electronic devices, tools and, small equipment to keep them dry. 

Consider Waterproof Phone Cases

Smartphones nowadays are available for activities that involve water because of their waterproof capabilities. However, this does not guarantee it can keep your phones safe for extended periods of submersion. 

If you’re on your kayak trip and you happen to drop your phone in water, it won’t float and withstand being submerged in water for a long time.

Use a waterproof phone case to keep your phones safe and dry during your kayaking trip. It will help to purchase a bigger phone case to fill it with air that will allow your phone to float when you accidentally drop your phone overboard.


Kayaking should be a fun and relaxing experience for you and your family. The last thing you need to worry about is your belongings being waterlogged, especially your electronic devices. Purchasing products, such as dry bags and waterproof phone cases, can keep your gear dry and give you peace of mind whilst you enjoy the great outdoors.

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