What to Consider When Choosing a Dry Bag to Swim With

Going into the water can be such a riveting activity, especially when it comes to going in the open water. Be it swimming, kayaking or more, some trips can require you to be in the water for a good while. This highlights the need for a dry bag with all your essentials.

What’s a Dry Bag, Anyway?

If you don’t know what a dry bag is, it is described as a portable storage space. Unlike any regular sacks, though, a dry bag will usually feature fabric that is waterproof. Having those water-resistant properties can secure all the things that you need to protect from moisture while you’re out at sea or any body of water.

What can you put in a dry bag? Just about anything, really. You could put electrical devices such as your phone, perhaps a fresh set of clothes to go along with it. There’s also the possibility of bringing some drinkable water and a sandwich should you get hungry during your endeavours.

How to Choose the Right Dry Bag

Low-quality dry bags can endanger your belongings, though, and you don’t want to risk a test run. Here’s a short checklist to help you decide on a dry bag to bring when you swim. 


Going for a dark-coloured dry bag is not recommended since it can cause some panic if you aren’t able to spot it immediately in the water. Do yourself a favour and get a light-coloured dry bag that can be spotted from just about any distance, like bright orange and pink.

Not only does it make it easier to spot the things you brought with you, but it can also act as its own buoy. If you’re accompanied by family, friends or a team, they can feel assured when they spot your dry bag in the middle of the waters.


It’s a given that dry bags should have waterproof fabric. However, aside from having it resist water, you also want to invest in something durable and lightweight so that you can use it for the long run. This will be especially helpful if you’re planning to have heavy-duty items in your dry bag.


One way of knowing you have a good dry bag is if they have extra features for you to utilize. For example, a belt or extra pockets on the dry bag can be pretty helpful features. A dry bag that doubles as an airbag system can also help swimmers if they need to take a rest in the middle of the water.


It’s best to go basic in terms of the shape. Choosing something oval can help simulate the shape of a regular swimming buoy, and it can be elongated enough to store objects that are bigger in length. This could span from shoes, camping gear and more.


If you’re hauling in a lot of items while you’re swimming, it’d be more appealing to have one that can offer all the space that you need. It’d be better than bringing in two smaller sized ones after all. Be sure to check the size of what you’re getting in advance so you can pack accordingly.


Dry bags are quite essential if you have a lot of things to bring with you when swimming. It also offers different kinds of benefits depending on the colour and features that you end up choosing and purchasing.

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