What You Need To Know About Dry Bags: Should You Get One?

In whatever sport you get into, whether it's on land or water, it's a good practice to have the right set of gear and accessories with you. This won't only enhance your performance, but it can also offer convenience and safety when you're out doing different activities. 

Nowadays, outdoor swimmers bring two floats or dry bags when they're ready to head out on an open water adventure. These swim accessories are an essential part of your gear because it increases visibility in the water, providing you with peace of mind and confidence, especially for beginners. 

While the tow float does a great job in keeping you visible in the water, a dry bag is meant to keep your valuables dry and moisture-free, making it essential for swimmers to keep in their car, bike, or boat. Although they are quite a popular accessory, not many people are aware of their purpose. 

How Does a Dry Bag Work?

A dry bag is designed to be a flexible container that keeps its contents dry or wet contents from leaking out. These bags have a strong top closure with a plastic stiffening blade at the top so the bag rolls tightly shut. This way, the bag can remain watertight and properly sealed. 

High-quality dry bags are made of strong, lightweight material that allows you to comfortably take them around with you wherever you go. Besides that, like a tow float, it can provide visibility in the water as well. 

Are Dry Bags Really Waterproof?

Dry bags are waterproof swim accessories, so if you're worried about rain, splashing, and just wet situations, your dry bag should be just fine. Not to mention, top dry bags can even be submerged in water to an extent, and ensure that the contents of your bag remain bone-dry. 

Can Dry Bags Float?

As mentioned earlier, high-quality dry bags can float alongside you or your boat, making it another great option if you want to have visibility in the water. All you need to do to keep your dry bag floating is to ensure there's plenty of air inside before you seal it shut.

Can You Swim with a Dry Bag?

Dry bags are great for short periods of paddling and swimming. But if you're a serious swimmer and feel like you'll be out in the water for hours, having a tow float is a better option since it's made to stay inflated for longer periods. 

Another great feature of a dry bag or tow float is that it can help you take a break from swimming and let you float around, allowing you to regain energy to keep swimming in the open waters. 

What Should I Put in My Drag Bag?

Your dry bag is one of the most important swim accessories you can have because it allows you to keep your valuables and electronics safe and dry. If you're planning to stuff into your dry bag, consider putting in some extra dry clothes, towels, your wallet, phone, drinking water, and other essentials. 

High-quality dry bags will come in various sizes, allowing you to store as much and as little as you need for a hassle-free open water swimming trip. 

The Bottom Line: Dry Bags and Tow Floats are Swim Accessories You Can't Live Without

If you're fixing up your swimming gear, you need to ensure you have your dry bag and tow float with you. Your dry bag can safely keep all your essentials, and your tow float can keep you safe and visibly in the water. If you're planning to invest in swimming accessories, it's best to start with these two accessories. 

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