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Window Dry Bag

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Introducing our high-quality inflatable dry bag, equipped with a double airbag system for maximum safety and protection. With its reliable design, it keeps your valuable kit safe and dry, providing peace of mind during your swim. This versatile dry bag also functions as a tow float swim buoy, offering convenience and flexibility for your swimming adventures.

Designed specifically for self-supported swims, our lightweight dry bag ensures minimal drag in the water, allowing you to maintain your natural swimming rhythm. Its vibrant color and high visibility make you easily visible in open water, promoting safety and visibility for yourself and others.

Featuring a practical phone window measuring 12.5cm x 20cm, this dry bag accommodates most large smartphones, allowing you to access and use your touch screen phone without any hassle. The spacious 28-litre capacity provides ample room to store your essentials, ensuring you have everything you need for your swim.

Rest assured, our inflatable dry bags are crafted to withstand the weight of an adult, providing a reliable and comfortable resting option whenever you require it. Whether you're embarking on an outdoor adventure or facing various water conditions, this dry bag is an indispensable companion for open water swimmers.

Here's how it works: Our dry bag features two high-flow nozzles. One inflates the external chamber, which remains separate from the storage compartment, while the other inflates the storage section once you've sealed the bag. To ensure optimal performance, please fully inflate the rear compartment, as the front valve inflates the area around your stored items. For a secure seal, make sure to fold down the roll-down seal as indicated, preventing any air from escaping.

When it's time to pack up, deflating the bag is a breeze. Simply use the back of the valve cap to release the air efficiently. The adjustable dual belt design securely clips around your waist, offering a snug and comfortable fit, while the leash keeps the bag out of the way of your stroke, ensuring an uninterrupted swimming experience.

For additional protection, we recommend using our Swim Secure Protective Phone Bag when storing your phone or electronic car keys in the Window Dry Bag. Experience the convenience, reliability, and enhanced visibility of our inflatable dry bag, the perfect companion for all your open water swimming endeavors.