Pink Tow Float - Swim Secure Australia
Pink Tow Float - Swim Secure Australia

Tow Float

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  • High visibility - pink

  • Extremely lightweight - little or no drag

  • Ideal for training or events

  • One way valve and two inflation chambers

  • Size deflated - 41cm x 32cm

  • Belt length - 58cm to 108cm / 23” to 42”

  • Comes in orange too 

The classic inflatable pink tow float includes a leash and waist strap which is adjustable. This float is perfect to make the swimmer more visible to other water users and from shore. If you need a rest you can hold onto the float and it will easily support an adult's weight.

Use the back of the valve cap to deflate.

NOTE: Waist belt supplied may differ in colour to waist belt shown in photo.

Please note, this is not a buoyancy aid, it does not give any buoyancy whilst swimming. The tow-float floats behind the swimmer on a short leash.