5 Essentials That You Should Have In Your Swim Bag

Whether you’re heading to the nearest pool for swim practice or some light exercise, it is best that you bring a swim bag. If you’re not accustomed to bringing a swim bag, you definitely want to start bringing one as it can make your life infinitely easier, especially when you want to bring things with you. But what should you have in your swim bag?

In the sections below, we will share a checklist of swimming essentials that you must bring every time you head to the pool:

Extra Goggles

Goggles are essentially a must-have for just about every swimmer. They protect your eyes from chlorine and help you see while you’re submerged underwater. Now, the last thing you want is for your training session to be disrupted all because your goggles happen to break. One way to avoid this is to bring extra goggles! While they’re only going to be your spare goggles, you still want to make sure that this pair is comfortable and an accurate fit.

Training Gear

Now, there’s a chance that your pool will have these on hand, but training gear should be near the top of the list of items to take when swimming, as it would be best to bring these along just in case. Now, you don’t need to go overboard with this. All you’ll really need are finger paddles, pull buoys, and a kickboard. Having these training essentials will be enough for day-to-day training. 


Bringing your own towel is the way to go, especially from a personal hygiene standpoint. When it comes to your towel, try to find one that’s quick-drying so that it won’t get the rest of your stuff wet when you put it back in your bag. Another tip we can give you is to get a towel with a bright colour to minimise the chances of you leaving it in the locker room or the pool area.

A Snack

The number of calories you burn while swimming shouldn’t be underestimated. This is why you’ll want to bring a snack with you when you go swimming to help get your energy back up after doing a couple of laps. This is especially true if you’re planning to go for open water swimming after hitting the pool, as you may be feeling extra tired if you don’t have a quick snack. When it comes to snacks, fruit and cereal bars are a great option as they can be easy to bring along in your bag.

The Bag 

You’ll also want to make sure that your bag is appropriate for holding swim gear. For this reason, look for a bag that’s lightweight but still large enough to accommodate all your gear. You’ll also want a bag that’s quick-drying as it will inevitably get wet around a pool. This makes our Mesh Kit Bag a great swim bag for your trips to the pool. It’s perfect for holding all your gear and can be used in both beach and pool settings!


We hope the list shared above proves to be useful when it comes to helping make your trips to the pool more convenient. Feel free to use this article as a checklist whenever you go swimming so that you don’t end up forgetting any essential items or gear!

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