5 Essentials You Can Bring in a Dry Bag While Open Swimming

Dry bags are becoming a staple among different open water swimmers. It’s due to the convenience of their reliable storage space and waterproof capabilities, making them the ideal tool for any swim. However, if you have never brought any items during your previous open swimming sessions, you may be sceptical about owning a dry bag for yourself since you don’t know what to put inside. Luckily for you, we have just the information you need. Use this article as your guide by referring to the following essentials: 

  • A light snack and beverage
  • You need to refuel during rigorous open swims since you can get tired easily. Remember, swimming is much like a full-body workout, meaning you need to have enough energy. You may also have medical conditions that require you to stay hydrated or nourished by food. Therefore, having access to some snacks and a drink in your dry bag can be useful. The best part is you don’t have to resort to eating wet food and drinking a contaminated beverage since the dry bag is made to preserve their good condition. 

  • Medication 
  • Since you may not know how long your open swim will take, you may miss crucial medication schedules. Failing to adhere to them can put your body in danger, and you may experience medical complications during your swim, affecting your mobility and endurance. The good news is you can store a bottle of drinkable water and your prescribed medication in your dry bag. 

  • Extra clothes 
  • Just because you are going on an open swim doesn’t mean you are likely to spend most of your time in the water. At times, you may want to find nearby islands or rock formations where you can take a rest and explore new terrain. You may also be swimming alone and don’t have a place to put your clean change of clothes.  

    Luckily, you can easily change clothes to ensure you are comfortable. You can put in some sandals, a towel, shorts, and a shirt. They are dry and ready for your use!  Just ensure you get the appropriately sized storage for all your items. 

  • Car keys 
  • Most open swims are far from civilisation, meaning you need to drive quite far to reach it. Therefore, you need your vehicle and park it in the nearest location for your convenience. The problem is when you go for an open swim, you may not have the right place to store your car keys. Additionally, if you resort to either holding them or placing them on a carabiner hooked to your swimming attire, you can lose them easily. That’s why it’s best to have a dry bag where you can conveniently store your keys in a dedicated compartment. 

  • Your smartphone 
  • Your smartphone can record how far you have swam through your fitness app, allow you to contact local authorities during emergencies, and even let you track your location through your GPS. You need to have it even during your open swim since leaving it elsewhere can put it at risk of getting stolen. Luckily,  the right dry bag can ensure your gadget is protected due to its waterproof capabilities. This way, you can utilise it for your utmost convenience. 


    Open swimming can be a fun physical activity, but you need to have your essentials to truly enjoy it. Luckily, you now have a better idea of what to bring for your next swim. Just make sure you have the right dry bag and other swimming accessories! Start stocking up on them today!

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