5 Swim Pieces You Need to Gear Up for Competitive Swimming

Do you want to take your swimming skills to the next level and swim competitively? Sounds fantastic, but it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and practice to get your skills to the next level. 

You can begin today by preparing everything you need to practice and take your swimming ability up a notch, including getting the five most essential swim pieces to gear up for your first competition. So get your wild swim bag ready and hit the water with the following swim apparel.

1. Swimsuit

This is the first thing that you need to get as a swimmer. When picking a swimsuit, you need to choose one that is of the highest quality, as competitive swimming will require more than just a regular suit. This is because high-quality swimsuits are designed to have less back and bottom coverage to help in reducing the drag while in the water.

While choosing the quality swimsuit, don’t forget to consider your style so you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing it day in and day out as you practice and become a better swimmer.

2. Swim Cap

They used to have the sole function of protecting the hair, but swim caps today serve many purposes. Depending on the material of the cap, it helps the swimmer’s movements be more efficient. For instance, a silicone cap brings smoothness to enable swimmers to streamline their strokes at a maximum pace. On the downside, the smooth quality of a silicone cap makes it slip from the head.

Latex is another swim cap material that provides instant grip. Some swimmers use both latex and silicone caps. They wear the latex as a first layer because it provides hold and then silicone on top for smooth moves.

3. Goggles

When choosing swim goggles, make sure to get a pair that is tight enough when you wear them. A good fit will prevent them from interfering with you while swimming. Goggles prevent water leaks and protect your eyes from harsh chlorinated water as you swim.

If you want to go for high-end goggles, you can opt for the ones with next-level features such as enhanced peripheral vision, anti-fog features, mirrored lenses to reduce sun’s glare, and UV protection. High-end goggles also come in different nose bridge sizes to allow you to get the best fit.

4. Snorkels

As you focus on perfecting your strokes, snorkels can help you manage your breathing. And just like swimsuits, you need high-quality snorkels. They are designed to provide balance to a swimmer so that you can work on your technique. With the snorkels keeping your head straight, you can focus on competitive-level swimming strokes.

5. Hand Paddles

Lastly, another set of swim apparel that will help you improve your efficiency is hand paddles. These pieces provide resistance as you work on your arm and shoulder strength. You can get hand paddles for reasonable prices while choosing designs that match your preferences.


Having the right swim accessories can help you improve your skills and make your swimming more efficient. Choose the ones that provide durability, comfort and style. More importantly, wearing the right swim apparel will help you execute the proper swim strokes, streamline your movements, and gain a full range of motion.

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