6 Reasons You Should Get a Waterproof Bum Bag: Our Guide

Bum bags have been back in style for the last couple of years, to the delight of 90s kids who grew up hands-free, thanks to this very convenient bag that can hold all the essentials. As bum bags became popular again, brands have made different versions of this bag in various materials. For those with an active lifestyle, nylon bum bags that are waterproof are the best option.

Swim Secure, your source for the best swim bags in Australia, tells you all about the benefits of a waterproof bum bag:

It Keeps Your Essentials Safe

Some of the essential items that you need to carry with you daily are your keys, cards, and smartphone. These things should never be carried by hand, or you risk losing them when you accidentally leave them on counters or drop them unknowingly.

Bum bags can keep these items more secure and close to you. Most bum bags even have internal compartments that allow you to organise your things better so that you won’t worry about losing your stuff.

It Is Versatile

You can wear a waterproof belt bag for swimming, hiking, biking, running, and even when you’re just running errands. You can also wear it to events like festivals and parties. Aside from its different uses, it can be worn in different ways, too. You can easily adjust the strap, so you can use it as a shoulder bag, a crossbody, or a bum bag. Its versatility is one of the reasons this bag is so popular, especially among those with an active lifestyle! 

It Is Durable

Waterproof bum bags, in particular, are made of nylon, which is a highly durable material. As such, it can protect your belongings from moisture, sweat, and raindrops. Even when you are doing a more rigorous activity, you can be sure that your items will be safe inside the bag.

It Is Convenient

A waterproof bum bag is the perfect companion bag for when you travel. It can hold your essentials so that you won’t have to rummage through your luggage or your hand-carry for your phone, ticket, or money.

It Is Genderless and Ageless

Don’t you just hate it when there are items that you like that you can’t use because they’re for the opposite sex? One of the things people like about bum bags is that everyone can wear them, no matter the gender or the age!

It Gives You More Freedom

The convenience and freedom of wearing a bum bag can’t be contested. Because it is worn around your waist and you don’t have to use your hands, arms, or shoulders to use it, you can move more freely, and you can use both arms and hands to carry more stuff.

It also allows you to do fun activities without you worrying about your belongings. You can even go swimming, surfing, sailing, or paddle boarding without your stuff getting wet because it is waterproof. Because of its lightweight material, it has no drag at all, so it won’t get in the way when you swim. It’s really the best swim bag you can find because you’ll hardly even notice you’re wearing it!


When a bag can take you from casual strolls to adventurous water activities, you know it’s undoubtedly a keeper. A nylon bum bag is truly essential for those with active lifestyles. It’s durable, stylish, convenient to use, lightweight, and versatile that you won’t have to look for anything else in a waterproof belt bag for swimming.

Are you ready to own a waterproof swim bag? Swim Secure can provide you with a stylish and sleek bum bag that can keep your valuables safe no matter what you’re doing or where you may be. Visit our store today and place your order!