All the Different Uses of a Tow Float

When swimming in open water, it’s always a good idea to use a tow float to ensure your safety. The primary purpose of these devices is to keep the swimmer visible while in the water and warn anyone on boats, jet bikes, and others, that someone is swimming in that area.  

But aside from this use, there are many other applications of this swimming accessory that makes it an essential travel item—and there are some you might never have thought of!

Alternative Tow Float Uses

As a Dry Bag While Swimming

You can use your tow float as a dry bag while swimming. It’s a great way to keep your kit dry and safe with you and not worry about it getting stolen when left unattended. Because the kit is with you, it’s incredibly easy to start your swim from one spot and finish at another without having to go back for your things.

As a Dry Bag for Your Hikes

Just as you can use your tow floats as a dry bag when you’re in the water, you can also use it on dry land! When you are hiking, for instance, stow clothes and other belongings inside your deflated tow float to keep them dry and safe in case it rains or you wade through a river.

As A Chair on the Beach

Once you’re done swimming or while on a quick break from the waters, tow floats can be used as seats on the beach, which can be so much better than sitting directly on the hot sand.

As a Drink and Snack Holder

Most swimming tow floats have built-in bottle holders. Most swimmers do not feel thirsty while they’re swimming and not even notice they’re swimming. That’s even a bigger reason to ensure that you’re hydrated while having a swim. Your skin may be wet but your body still needs hydration, so make use of the drink compartment so you can keep a bottle of water with you and you can take sips every time you need to.

Aside from water, use a tow float to hold some dried fruit or a few energy bars. With endurance swims becoming more popular and swimmers often spending hours in the water, having some nutrition within close proximity is an excellent idea.

As a Marker Buoy

Tow floats make for great markers when you’re doing swimming drills or for simply marking the areas used for swimming practice.

As a Gadget Holder

Because it would be too bad to miss out on a good selfie, you might want to take your smartphone with you everywhere you go, even when you’re in the water. It’s a good thing that your tow float can double as a gadget holder where you can keep your mobile phone or your GPS device. Some tow floats have transparent compartments that allow you to check your phone or track your distance without taking them out. Of course, you’re going to have to take your phone out for that epic selfie!


Tow floats are a necessity for open water swimming as they are one of the best safety accessories. Note that they are not meant to be actual floatation devices. That said, tow floats are so flexible that they can be used for different things, just like the ones mentioned above.

If you are looking for a high-quality swimming tow float to take with you on your next adventure, Swim Secure has some of the best options for you. Check out our orange and pink tow floats today and enjoy their many uses, too!