Here Are 8 Reasons You Should Take Up Open Water Swimming

Open water swimming has become famous as more and more people enjoy the outdoors in oceans, lakes and other bodies of water. You might be wondering why they are taking the plunge, but the answer is pretty simple. This activity offers various benefits, and here are eight of them:

Open Space

Swim freely at your own pace and space! You need not worry about tapping your heels on the lanes and walls of a pool. Swimming in an open space can also give you the vibe of enjoying a new place. You’ll get a sense of achievement as you can do the thing you’re truly passionate about.

Meeting New Friends

Open water swimming is also a perfect way to expand your group of friends. Many swimmers also get together, and you can make friends with them. You’ll have the chance to be with people who have the same interest; thus, you’ll foster camaraderie. You may not need to join the sport or participate in the race, but you can share the fun and enjoyment with them.

Being Close with Nature

Getting closer to nature is both a relaxing and rewarding experience as your mind and body will be relaxed. It will also help you refresh your whole being and feel energised after.

Physically and Mentally Challenging

Plunging into the open water’s cold temperature can challenge you physically and mentally. Your skin can lose heat for up to 70x more than air of the same temperature. Thus, training the cold responses of the body can be an accomplishment after swimming.

For beginners, wearing wetsuits is recommended. This is to adjust the water’s buoyancy and temperature. It is also challenging because there is no floor where you can stand up or a wall to hang to. It’s a chance for you to survive where there is no confined pool environment.

Increase Zest and Energy

Did you know? Cold waters can help increase the body’s energy levels. It also makes the nerve endings rise and the heartbeats fast. Open water swimming can indeed be an excellent way to get high naturally!

Weight Loss

Open water swimming can also be a great way to lose some pounds. How? When the body is exposed to cold, it needs more heat to keep you warm. The body is required to process additional energy, resulting in burning more fat and stimulating metabolism effectively. You can actually burn an estimated 200 additional calories per hour in cold water compared to the warm pool water. Therefore, open water swimming is also considered as one of the excellent forms of exercise.

Minimise Pain

Submerging your body in cold water can be a great healing technique, too. This is actually a technique done by professional and amateur athletes to aid with muscle pain and injury. Not only that, but it can also reduce body aches, inflammation and chronic pain. Finally, cold water can also regulate the nervous system and make the body’s overall circulation better.

Boosts the Immune System 

Scientists and medical experts have proven that submerging in cold water thrice a week can enhance the white blood cells in the body. This helps boost the immune system and fight infection by improving the metabolic rate and activating antibodies. It also aids in removing impurities from the body, improving your well-being. Cold water is also seen to help reduce stress levels, thus, preventing anxiety and depression.


Nowadays, we are always searching for new adventures and activities to improve our health and daily experiences. Open water swimming is something that you should also try if you want to get amazing benefits!

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