High-Visibility Swimming Accessories for Open Swimmers

Open water swimming is an enjoyable and thrilling hobby because it helps you meet like-minded individuals, experience a real sense of adventure, and achieve your health goals. It is an excellent activity, but it comes with its share of risks, such as uncontrollable elements that can affect your safety. 

Fortunately, there are swimming accessories that can help open swimmers to prioritise their visibility in the water. Learn more about them and determine which one is right for you by using this article as your guide.

  • Tow float
  • Swimming tow floats are designed to make you more visible when swimming in the water. To use them, you have to blow them up and then attach them using a waistband and leash. 

    These brightly coloured buoys float behind you with minimal interference to your swimming. They are not created to be lifesaving aids, but they help support your weight if you need some time to rest while swimming. They also come in different kinds and features—some have hydration options while others contain storage, so decide which one is best for you.

  • Swim bag 
  • Swim bags store all of your swimming essentials, including paddles, fins, snorkels, kickboards, and other gear. They are created to get wet and withstand wear and tear, so they are made of durable materials.

    Some swim bags are dry bags that can be used not only for swimming but also for other activities, like walking and hiking. Others also have removable straps and can be turned into tow floats. Since no swim bag is created equal, you should consider your needs to find the best swim bag that suits your lifestyle.


  • Tow donut 
  • If you are an open water swimmer who wants a high-visibility tow float swim buoy and like to ensure that your valuables are safe, then investing in a tow donut is a must. This swimming accessory includes a dry bag on the top of the float that is perfect for storing your items, like phone, car keys, drink, and even a camera. Some tow floats can also be used for night swimming because they can accommodate a torch in the dry bag.

  • Dry bag backpack
  • Dry bag backpacks let you store your food and drink, clothes, shoes, and other items completely water-free. Investing in this type of high-quality swimming accessories help you sustain your energy to continue your swimming training or adventure and ensure you have dry, clean, and comfortable clothes you can change into after swimming.

    If you’re looking for a quality dry bag, feel free to try ours. We offer a brightly coloured, lightweight, high-visibility inflatable dry bag that stores your kit and increases your visibility in the open water. It includes a leash and waist belt and comes in various sizes and colours.


    Whether you are swimming in the open water competitively or just for fun, you have to use the right high-visibility swimming accessories to keep yourself and your belongings safe and dry. 

    Determine your needs and remember the items listed above to have a better-informed purchasing decision for your swimming essentials. Don’t forget to shop only at a reputable store like ours to have peace of mind knowing your products are durable and of high quality.

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