How to Take Care of Your Dry Bag During Water Trips

Whether you’re going on a freshwater swim out in the wilderness or a nice long dip in the ocean, you can’t leave the house without your dry bag. When you’re that close to the water and have essentials to bring with you that should stay dry, then these bags will protect them just fine! But as much as these carry-ons are useful and durable, you still need to take some preventive measures to ensure that they last you for years on end. 

To give you an idea, here are four of the simplest and most helpful tips to keep your dry bags in mint condition. 

Make Sure to Seal All Solvents

Things like bug spray or sunscreen are important when going on wilderness hikes or beach trips. Naturally, these essentials can stay in your dry bag for convenience. However, these substances can actually leave marks that will affect the inside of your dry bag if they linger for too long! 

As such, to prevent any unwanted leaks, make sure that the seal is tight on these things and secure them properly. If any spillage does happen, wash it off immediately when you get home by scrubbing it with some gentle dishwashing soap. 

Don’t Leave Your Dry Bag Under the Sun

It’s one thing to take your dry bag in the scorching heat, but it’s another thing to leave it under the sun. 

Dry bags are meant to be strong enough to withstand sunny weather, but keeping it outside or in a shed that’s directly under sunlight can cause some fading in colour. Beyond that, it can affect the durability of the material too! 

Store it properly in room temperature places to avoid any problems from occurring in the material.

Don’t Overstuff It

Dry bags are made out of strong material. However, depending on what type or brand of dry bag you have, it could be prone to some tearing if you overstuff it! Storing any sharp objects that are left uncapped can also cause some tears to appear on the inside. 

Make sure that you’re filling it up only up to capacity and everything inside doesn’t have any sharp edges.

Always Clean Your Dry Bag When You Get Home

Dry bags make things convenient for you, so obviously, you may not be able to stop yourself from just throwing in your wet towels, goggles, flip flops, or any other items you brought along for the journey. The problem with this is that you leave your bag prone to mould and mildew buildup by introducing these contaminants inside your bag. Your bag could be quite the stinker if you ignore this tip!

Clean your bag inside out with gentle dishwashing soap every time you come home from a trip. Scrub it down for a good few minutes and rinse it off before laying it to dry. Store it properly so that it’s always ready for your next trip. 


Taking a tough and waterproof bag on a wet adventurous path is the reason why most people want to get a dry bag. But while these bags can pack a punch and keep your items safe and dry, it doesn’t mean they should be tossed around and beaten up. To make your gear last longer, taking these care tips to heart will keep them around for a much longer time.  

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