Summer Vacation Tips: Keeping Your Valuables Safe at the Beach

Summer is the best time of the year to take beach trips. There’s nothing like clear skies and the sun high in the sky to make the sand and sea so enjoyable and fun. Beaches can also be a place to rest your worries and spend hours just relaxing, reading a book, and getting a tan.

One of the very few sources of stress during a beach trip is the sheer number of paraphernalia you need to take with you. These include the basics, like your phone, wallet, and keys. And then there are the many swimming necessities such as towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, maybe even your own beach umbrella. And what’s a trip to the beach if you don’t have a book to read or music to listen to?

Bringing so many things with you means you have to worry about where to put them. Whether you’re on a trip with your extended family or a rowdy group of friends, you need a safe place to keep all of your valuables.

Read on for a few tips to keep your belongings safe at the beach:

Bring the Essentials

When you’re preparing for a beach trip, it’s crucial to take a long, close look at everything you’re going to bring. If you’re going solo, you are free to be as minimalist as possible—surely, you just need the basics to enjoy a few hours of swimming and tanning. But if you’re going on a trip with a dozen other family members, expect many, many more things to pile up in your car!

The one advantage of going to the beach with a large group is that you will likely be able to leave all of your belongings with one or two people staying on the sand. Not everyone will want to swim for hours on end, and you can also take a guard duty shift as you catch your breath and eat a snack.

Camouflage Your Valuables

A creative and fun way to keep your valuables safe is to employ some disguise techniques. Some beach-related life hacks have been circulating online spaces for years, and your next trip is the perfect time to use some of them.

One of these ingenious hacks is to use regular beach items to store cash, keys, and even your phone. For example, you can clean out a large sunscreen bottle, biscuit box, or even a Pringles bottle and use them as decoys. These objects won’t attract much attention at all, and no one else on the beach will even think that your valuables have been camouflaged!

Beach Lockers

Some private beaches may offer lockers for those who are renting rooms in their establishment. Of course, you’ll need to cough up a bit of cash for these services, but the peace of mind is more than worth it.

Dry Bag or Backpack

The best and most versatile option on this list, dry bags are completely waterproof, and they are the perfect way to keep all of your beach items safe and contained in one place. They’re very durable too, so one bag is more than enough for years of beach trips. A good dry bag is the best companion for your next beach trip.


A beach trip should be fun and relaxing, and you shouldn’t be so stressed out about your valuables while you’re on a swim. These simple solutions will help ease your mind and enjoy your time at the beach. All your belongings are sure to be safe and sound at all times!

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