When Should You Use a Tow Float for Swimming? Our Guide

When it comes to swimming essentials, there is a debate on the usefulness of tow floats. Are they necessary? Some may argue that the swimming tow float offers a sense of security that is often wrongly substituted for actual protection. 

But does that automatically mean that there is no need for tow floats? Not exactly. Although it is definitely important to understand that security and safety have no substitutes, tow floats can still serve a purpose in the water. Here are four situations where you would need a swimming tow float.

For Additional Visibility in the Water

Do not be mistaken. The swimming tow float is not a flotation or safety device. Its primary purpose is to provide additional visibility to swimmers while in the water.

Increasing swimmer visibility in the water is crucial, especially in areas with high levels of boat traffic. This helps boaters spot swimmers in the water and avoid accidents. Wearing a swimming tow float can also make it easier for lifeguards to see the progress of a swim.

For Storage While in the Water

While tow floats are primarily used for visibility purposes, they could also serve as additional storage in the water. You can use them to store your valuables, such as your keys and phone. You can even keep food and drinks in them in case you need an energy boost when swimming for extended periods. Just make sure you secure them properly and avoid overloading them as the added weight can get in your way.

For Kids

While there is no substitute for actual flotation devices to keep your children safe, having more stuff that floats can help build their confidence in the water. They might feel safer and more comfortable with added floats on them. But of course, you can never be too careful. It’s still always better to keep your children at arm’s length and monitor them while you’re out in open water.

For Building Confidence in Open Water

Kids aren’t the only ones needing a confidence boost from tow floats. Tow floats can help people gain a sense of security. This can allow more people who are initially hesitant to get into the water to actually have fun and develop a love for swimming.

However, as some people might point out, the sense of security the tow float offers might be problematic. This sense of security might make people complacent and too confident in their swimming abilities. This could pose a problem as people might push themselves beyond their limits, leading to accidents in the water.

When discussing the sense of security the tow float provides, it is imperative that people first understand that a tow float is not a substitute for actual safety devices. While it is good to wear a tow float to feel more comfortable in the water, it’s still important to understand your own limitations while swimming. Be aware of the risks of open water swimming and never take chances just because you have a tow float on.


A swimming tow float cannot substitute the safety and security actual floatation devices provide. Tow floats should primarily be used for additional visibility in the water to avoid collisions with boats. You can also use them for storage, and they can also help kids feel safer when accompanied by other flotation devices. Whether you’re wearing a swimming tow float or not, you should always be aware of the possible dangers in open water swimming and never get too confident in your swimming abilities. 

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